hits 4 sale




HITS 4 SALE is the official production house  of HEAVYZEB LIFESTYLE. We are here to collaborate with artists and help them make better songs through our songwriting and music production.

Founded by MaCMuwsA , this production house enters the market with 10 years of experience in music production. “I’ve been composing and producing my own records for a decade, I look at those years as the development age; the next decade will be dedicated to serving artists with the best quality beats that will create the next hit records of the future.” -MaCMuwsA

Every song uploaded to this store is put through a rigorous process of quality control. “We make sure every record is made with love! From listening sessions with industry professionals, multiple mix reviews, down to small details like choosing the right sound selection.

If the record doesn’t hit you, it’s not HITS 4 SALE.